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90G-byte alte 
tive. Page 4 

HBf.M OS duel shifts 
to emphasis on 
= critical apps 

Users starting to cement 
plans for platform features 

IBM sets PS/2 update 

Lower cost, high-end models to follow ‘Green PC,' notebooks 

Pen initiatives seek to 
3 JS 25 ST ignite sluggish market 

Bank grabs exec to 
push client/server 


Long live simplicity 

Bank eases data access 

“When we decided to downsize, I was pleasantly surprised to see that CA’s a leading 
AS/400 software vendor. The fact that they offer the leading AS/400 manufacturing and 
mH warehouse software made it much easier for us. It’s always better to go with 
=^ll somebody you already know and trust.” 

■■i We’ve always gone wherever our clients need us. 

"ST AS/400. UNIX. OS/2. Whenever an important new platform emerges, we’re 
always there to support it. You see, unlike most software companies, we’re truly indepen¬ 
dent. We support more hardware platforms and operating systems than any other soft¬ 
ware company in the world. After all, when it comes to deciding 
which are best, there’s only one real authority 

News: Comdex/Spring’93 

News: Comdex/Spring‘93 





i t Mi) 11 



t \ 


Oracle is the only company in the world that applies leading-edge database technology, 
development tools, applications and consulting services to your specific business problem. 
We deliver enterprise-wide information systems fast. On my hardware or operating system 
you choose. At $1.5 billion, operating in 100 countries, Oracle stands ready to serve. 
If your company's lack of agility is a source of frustration, take a minute to call 
1-800-633-1071 Ext. 8115 for a copy of The Oracle Persp ective on re-engineering. 


_ News: Comdex/Spring *93 

Microsoft charts client/server course 

By Michael Vizard Though Windows NT will initially give all Windows NT systems on the ne 

REDMOND.wash. Microsoft a high-end server for local- The DFS will allow users to seal 

In Taking Our Software To 
The Next Siei/We Found Ourselves 
Going Considerably Further. 

There are plenty 
of choices of GUI 
builders, plenty of 
choices of databases, 
there are even choices | 
of cross-platform 
communications, but | 

Micro Focus is 
uniquely qualified to 
provide complete 
client/server solutions ! 
for your industrial-strength applications today. 

The Micro Focus Client/Server Solutions 
encompass an open framework allowing you 
to choose Micro Focus’ best tools for tasks 

such as building graphical user 
interfaces or handling program 
vfwi&jl to program communications. 

Or, instea d> plug 
in the tool of your 
^ choice. 

Whether you 

plug into the appropriate platform. 

are building 
with distributed data, distributed application 
code or distributed presentation services, the 

Micro Focus Client/Server Solution is right for 
you. No matter what mix of thin or thick 
clients, or thin or thick servers, you will find it 
all in one place. And, best of all, the Micro Focus 
Client/Server products provide & v' tN17Sf * 4 , 
a bridge from the old to the new, 
leveraging existing resources with 
the latest technology. 

For a brochure on the 
Micro Focus Client/Server Solution, call 
800-872-6265. Discover how Micro Focus 
delivers “A Better Way of Programming?” 


jer GS00K90AGS5251-PS02. 


The analysts have 
graphed the future 
of Client/Server 

And they have also spoken. 

In recent issues of their ongoing reports, four of the 
most respected computer industry analysts have taken an 
unbiased look at Sybase, and its vision of enterprise-wide 
client/server computing. M Qyp . rvrj* 

They were impressed. Hi WI D/lOr; 

For copies of the full reports from 
Forrester Research", Gartner Group, 
Meta Group and New Science 
Associates, please call 1 ' 800 ' 8 'SYBASE. 

Hews: Comdex/Spring *93 

Windows World Open 1993 I Users wary about 

launching apps for 

Windows E-mail 

News: Comdex/Spring ’93 


IkE Compaq LTE Lite. For 
I kEiRllME Working. And 

OK, we’re not saying you live on three hours of sleep, 
or that you eat Chinese takeout every night. And even 
if you do, we’re not saying that a COMPAQ LTE Lite 
486SL notebook is suddenly going to change all that. 

What we will say is 
that it could make your 
life a lot simpler. Partic¬ 
ularly if you travel. 

You see, on one hand, 
these new computers 
are lightweight, compact 
notebooks (6.3 pounds, 

8.5"x 11"). They’re avail¬ 
able with three different 
screens: the COMPAQ 
UltraView - the world’s 

black and white, active There’s the integrated 
matrix VGA; a 256-color EasyPoint trackball. And 

People Who Spend Half 
The OtherHalf Working. 

that they double as full- 
sized, full-featured 486 
desktop PCs. 

By simply sliding your 
LTE Lite notebook into 

bays increase expansion 
capabilities. Best of all, 
you’re usiijg the same 
hard drive. So whether 
you’re in the office or on 

the COMPAQ Desktop 
Expansion Base, you’re 
instantly connected to 
printers, peripherals and 
your network. No flop¬ 
pies, no fumbling with 
wires, no headaches. And 
the extra slots and drive 

the road, your files are 
always with you. The 
expansion base also of¬ 
fers you a keylock to 
secure your notebook. 

Of course, if you don’t 
need all the functions of 
a full-sized PC, but want 

easy connection to your 
peripherals, choose the 
new Enhanced QuickCon- 
nect — a one-step system 
with integrated Ethernet 
and SCSI support. 

And like all of our 
PCs, these notebooks are 
backed by CompaqCare. 
WJtich includes a free, 
three-year worldwide 
warranty, and a year of 
free on-site" service in 
the U.S. or Canada. 

For information on 
the COMPAQ LTE Lite 
486SL, call 1-800-345-1518. 
Because if you work out 
of the office on a regular 
basis, you really lead two 
lives. So they’re perfect 
for you. And you. 


Unlike other 486 chips, the Intel 
486SL, with an integrated numeric 
coprocessor, provides higher perfor- 

headaches. The optional fully in¬ 
tegrated COMPAQ_SpeedPAQ_ 144 
Modem connects the LTE Lite 
directly to a cellular phone so you 
can send e-mail and faxes. 

Jobs said the firms' Object Enterpris 

I the delay in 

- _ News _ - __ 

Next plunges into software with partnerships 

By James Daly which were scrapped in February to al- systems to tap into Next , this lessens that project they will not deliver before 1995. 

Debuted systems _ DCE products ready, but users waiting 

DGiclyCQ DIVllj vices. 1 aeTof toio ma^gLumt ser^^ By Jeau S. Bozman hiatus while the Mold technology 

. _ managing Distributed Computing Environ- bostos was being productized by the ven- 


Will you get stuck 
with die wrong 
tool for the job? 

Things could get pretty stidcy if you buy the wrong 
business computet. 

Mb why I/S professionals Ite you ate moving to 
the right tool for the job: workstations. 

And when you compare woricslations, you'll see that 
only one comes from o company completely dedicated 
to the needs of business. 

Axil Workstations. 

WeTe a new kind of wockstation companyL Ou 
accelerate the productivity of business. 

Which weTe doing for hundreds of customers wwid- 
wide by providing quotly Americonmade products with 
business features. Plus flexible configurations. And mod- 
ulor, up^odeable systems that pre^your investTnent. 

Axil woikstations will also tun your exislmg software, 
je it For proof, just look at out 
RCCofr I 



And you am always count on sold support Not just 
from Axil, but from our committed VAR partners toa 
So adl 800-284-AXIL laam about the new 
workstation company thatb backed by Hyundai’and 
committed to really getting your business cooking. 

The business engine 


AS 400 


But you’ll also get more than just the open advantages that 
come with client/server computing 

You’ll also benefit from the advanced capabilities of the award¬ 
winning AS/400. Every AS/400 comes with an integrated relational 
database, enhanced security, impressive networking capabilities 
and outstanding systems management. These features, combined 

• with over 20,000 proven commercial applications, have 

made the AS/400 the world’s most popular midrange system 
What’s more, the AS/400 is very affordable, with 

It’s for reasons like these that successful 
companies such as Mannington Carpets and 
Louis Dreyfus Energy have already chosen the 
AS/400 for client/server applications. 

For more details on the IBM AS/400 Client 
the lowest five-year cost of ownership in its class.’ Series, call 1 800 IBM-CALL, ext. 102B. 

As always, you’ll get superior IBM service and support, But hurry. You’re losing 

including a 24-hour hotline, to help keep the mission-critical valuable nanoseconds. 

applications your business depends on, up and running J Success im’t Complicated 



Introducing Obj&ctVicw 2.0. 
The client/server development 
tool that does more, is easi e r 
to use, and costs less. 

Discover the pow/f[ o\ ' 
ObjectView 2.0 now fo( . tQQQ 
Knowledge is power. \ \ 
and at the heart of 
knowledge is informa- \ 

tion. The power to perform S 
at the peak of potential V 

depends on the ability of V 

your enterprise to access V 

and manage information ■ 

quickly, flexibly and simply. ■ 

from any desktop. 

Which is why ObjectView 2.0 
1 from KnowledgeWare is 
arguably^he most powerful 
Windows"-based tool available 
for creating mission-critical 
client/server applications rang¬ 
ing from decision support to 
on-line complex processing. 

. ObjectView 2.0 combines 
power with an intuitive inter¬ 
face and an open architecture 
that supports a wide range of 
databases and products. So 
your company can reap the 
benefits of client/server today. 

Save $1,800 
with this no-risk offer 
If you've ever considered the 
move to client/server or even if 
you're using another product, 
you owe it to yourself to take 
advantage of this offer. 

Because for a limited time 
we’re offering ObjectView ^ 

2.0, regularly $2,799. at an ^ 

introductory price of |ust $999. ^ 
Try it risk-free for 30 days. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed 
or we'll refund the sale price. 

But we’re confident you’ll be 
impressed by ObjectView 2.0, 
and here are just some of the 
reasons why: 

Power without 

What good is power if you 
can’t put it to work? 

ObjectView 2.0 has the built-in 
intelligence to access up to 
eight relational databases 

\ from a single application. The 
) unique panel object gives 
\) developers unmatched flexibil- 
' ity to design interfaces inde¬ 
pendent of underlying data¬ 
bases. A spreadsheet object 1 
and built-in business graphics 
l enable end users to calculate. 

I analyze, format and incorporate 
I I I types of graphs, all without 
* exiting the application or the 
burden of buying new software. 
at warp speed 
With ObjectView 2.0, you're 
able to deliver what users want, 
fast. Get a headstart with 
ObjectView 2.0’s automatic 
application developer Then 
iteratively develop applications 
based on user reactions to 
actual screens. Further cus¬ 
tomize applications with flexi¬ 
ble scripting power: high-level 
commands, enriched BASIC, C 
or C++. Finally, depend on an 
interactive debugger to tweak 
final applications, even at the 
SQL level. 

Our open-door policy 
ObjectView 2.0 supports all 
major databases and gateways. 
Work with controls and 
/ V. libraries, 

a L report writ- 

i ers, source 

t^^^'agers. version control 
^^products and CASE prod¬ 

KnowledgeWare’s Application 
Development Workbench*and 

ObjectView Is backed by ^ 
Knowledge Ware’s 
experience in ser- »iV\V 

vicing, enhanc- 
ing, and inte- 

grating soft- o/jQI 

ware tools. 

tions and 
our complete 
range of consulting, 
training, and support. 

You make the call: 
Order ObjectView 2.0 at 

1 - 800 - 295-0570 

With a major credit card, you 
can order ObjectView 2.0 risk¬ 
free over the phone. Our opera¬ 
tors will even tell you how to 
order with a check or purchase 
order. But call now to take 
advantage of our limited $999 
introductory offer. And discover 
the power of ObjectView 2.0. 


: often. Which can help make people noticeably more effective in 

-Hi In reaching their goals. 

PowerBook' computers are the country’s No matter how far PowerBook users travel, they can easily retrieve 

best-selling notebooks. But the biggest reason isn’t technical at all. files from their desktop computers. Access information from the company 

That is, anyone can pick up a PowerBook and get things done right database. Exchange e-mail messages. Even send and receive faxes, 
away. Therek no need to learn strange commands or deal with confusing Now people in every kind of business are using PowerBook to make 

system configuration files, as there is with other notebooks. dramatic leaps in productivity. TheyVe finding it doesn't matter how much 

And because PowerBook computers are so easy to use, they get used they know about computers-as long as they have the right computer. 

Why PowerBook is popular 
with people who knoweverything 
about computers. 

PowerBook has also built a large folkwing among the worlds most With its extraordinary ease of use, PowerBook takes client-server 
discriminating computer audience: people like you, whose business it computing to a new level of simplicity and mobility. From any distance, 

is to know computers inside and out and who make the hard decisions people can use innovations like AppleTalk' Remote Access for easy and 

about their companies' information systems. secure access to the office network resources. And because PowerBook 

That!; because, unlike other notebooks, PowerBook is more than is less complicated than other notebooks, it demands far less support, 
a miniaturized version of a desktop computer Its award-winning design For all these reasons, more and more companies are depending on 
acknowledges that there is a fundamental difference between the way PowerBook. After all, you don’t have to be an expert to A-Iq 

people work at their desks and the way they work outside of the office. recognize this kind of power. The power to be your best* nppic W. 

Advanced Technology 

Diagnosis: Acute Demanditis 

Addressing the demands of corporate managers, 
application users and everyone in between can be over¬ 
whelming. Unless you have SAPIENS!" 

Available from I KM! SAPIENS’ innovative rapid 
application development software builds sophisticated 
applications faster. And it slashes the time you spend 
updating those applications. 

- SAPIENS also protects your mainframe invest¬ 
ment with object-oriented technology that’s database- 
independent and portable across MVS! VM'and VSE“ 

: IBM } — 

environments. SAPIENS even offers a client/server 
solution that transforms your mainframe into a 
powerful enterprise server. 

All of which means increased productivity 
for application developers. Satisfaction for end-users. 

A critical edge for corporate managers. And peace 
of mind for you. 

Get the cure with SAPIENS products and services 
from IBM. In the US. and Canada, call today: 

I 800 392-7028 (ask for 1003). 


Doing lunch 

What's wrong with this picture? 

Last week at the giant Comdex 
technology extravaganza, I entered 
the usual mobbed lunch area and 
asked a stranger if he’d mind shar¬ 
ing his table with me. We soon start¬ 
ed chatting,) 



in • fo • struc • ture \'in-()f6-\str ak- cher \n 

[The information infrastructure] 

1. What the 
reader runs. 

“Best Computer 

Newspaper ” 

Computer I 




Introducing some of the first VARs certified in WordPerfect Office 4.0. 

Applied Computer Technology 

LANSystems, Inc. 

Syntrex Technologies, Inc. 

For the number of the Certified Perfect Partner nearest you call (800) 526-5176. 


If we told you NetWare 
networking advancement 

You seem skeptical. What if you could double the storage What if you could manage the whole 

capacity of your server? network from a single location? 

Here’s the promise: NetWare 4.0 will truly revolutionize network 
computing by turning a multi-server environment into a single system. 
Users and administrators log into one unified system from any DOS, 

Multiple -Ser 

= One Unified Systen 

Mac, Windows, UNIX, 

All Novell products work together. So your NetWare network is a platform 
to build on for years to come. That's why, now more than ever, NetWare is networking. OT OS/2 Computer On 

the network to access information or manage network-wide resources. 

Network administrators can exert greater control over network 
security issues through new authentication and auditing procedures. 

4.0 is the most significant^ 
in years, would you buy it? 

What it it made your network What if you could access information across What if your multiple servers 

more secure than Ft.Knox? your wide-area network twice as fast? worked like a single unified system? 

To ease the migration to 4.0, built-in tools automatically transfer 
user information to directory services. Your existing investment in a 
NetWare 2x or 3x system is preserved while you expand its capabilities. 

If all this sounds like a significant enough advancement to you, 
call us at 1-800-554-4446. We’ll send you a free demo 
disk and a NetWare 4.0 planning guide which includes 
the easy (honest!) step-by-step upgrade procedure. 

^NOVELL. The Post, Present, and Future of Network Computing. 

Charles Babcock 






Once installed, Silo Sentry enhances your Manual and 
Automated Tape Library Facilities with functions and 
features that make “UGHTS-OUT OPERATIONS” a reality. 
For more information call Pro-Cubed toll-free. 

1-800-289-2238 jss, 



Wo'ro Getting Hayes OPTIMAs. They’re Affordable 
They're Dependable. I Can’t Go Wrong.” 

Deskbf Coqmtim 

Legent opens Windows to data center 

Offers products to help manage, monitor end-user computing 

Desktop Computing 

Bank enlists PCs 


PCs to get voice functions 

By Stephen P.Klett Jr. terns.” said Jeffrey 

No s umme r vacation for June viruses 

By James Daly three important and sorrowful dates in Monday that falls on the 28th. On these 


PO BOX 660019 

SCOTTS VALLEY CA 95067-9930 



Seven reasons to get the OLCP edge 


Borland’s InterBase” is the first high- 
performance relational database server 
to satisfy your real-world computing 
demands. That's the benefit of On-Line 
Complex Processing (OLCP). InterBase's 
OLCP accelerates throughput for short, 

OLTP-type transactions, and provides out¬ 

standing support for longer, 
analytic i 
complex i 

InterBase oil 
in your real-world applications. Its uniqi 
multigenerational architecture results 
in the fastest response times in mixed 

locked out by readers. 

3. TWo-phase commit equals 

Frequently used data can be stored 

data anywhere on the network. And auto¬ 
matic two-phase commit ensures data 
integrity by protecting distributed data from 

for developers to build and m; 

5. BLOb filters make it easy 

InterBase sets the standard for support of 
multimedia data or BLObs” (Binary Large 
Objects). Any length and type of data i 

No one gives you better tools for main¬ 
taining data integrity and monitoring criti¬ 
cal data. Modular, sequenceable triggers 

and other business rules. Event alerters 

7. The power of Borland 

Your investment in InterBase is backed by 
Borland International, Inc., the company 

seminar coming soon. Fill in and 
return the attached response card 
| today! Or, for more information on 

| call now! 

I 1-800-245-7367 , 

jjjr call (408) 431-5429^ 


The Leader in Object-Oriented Programming 

How Mils Notes Meai 

Thousands of companies already know how 
Lotus Notes' helps them respond more quickly 
and effectively to the demands of everyday 
business. Now Release 3 extends that power 

Just watch how James Carlton, a new dis¬ 
trict manager at Global Publishing, uses Notes 
Release 3 to solve a major global problem in 
short order. See how he uses information from 
on-site and remote locations. From both inside 
the company and external sources. Across a 


variety of platforms. How he uses applications 
such as Account Tracking, Newswire, and 
Engineering Change Orders to get a new product 
developed fast And how he creates an informal 
team spanning a range of departments to do it 
With the new Release 3, Lotus Notes now 
supports all the leading GUI platforms: Windows?' 
OS/2; UNIX;** even Macintosh* 

Which means the award-winning workgroup 
power of Lotus Notes is now readily available to 
help virtually all networked businesses improve 

se 3 changed theworid 

their performance. By accelerating business processes 
and helping people work together more effectively 
than ever before. 

You’ll find your favorite user-friendly features from 
other Lotus* applications like Smartlcons" and a status 
bar make Notes even easier to use. 

Release 3 also features enhanced templates that 
are very easy to customize so you can build new appli¬ 
cations faster and more efficiently. 

But you don’t have to change your world to get going 
on Notes. Now you can get everything you need in the 

Lotus Notes Starter Pack for just $995 (SRP). It includes 
one Notes Server for Windows and two Notes Clients for 
Windows. Plus more than 25 ready-to-use applications for 
business processes like account management, customer 
service and product development Fbr information call 
1-800328-7086, at 8904 or visit your Lotus Authorized 

The Difference Between 
Fkce Value and Real Value 

value, an EIS must deliver the right information to the 
right people at the right time. . . to support strategic 
decision making. That’s why you need the SAS System. 

Software that’s Changing the Face 

graphical display of critical success factors , .and desktop 
productivity tools such as calendars, notepads, a letter¬ 
writing facility, and access to native electronic mail. 

But the benefits of the SAS System extend far below 

system, the SAS System provides total control over data 
access, management, analysis, and presentation. Execu¬ 
tives can directly access all kinds of data sources— 
including data locked away in database management 
systems. And they can analyze and present data using 

specialized tools for project management, forecasting 
and financial reporting, and hundreds of other tasks... 

Information managers can build a custom-tailored EIS... 
in far less time, and using fewer resources, than it takes 
to force-fit an off-the-shelf solution into your organiza¬ 
tion. And because the SAS System is entirely portable, 
you can integrate data and applications from different 
computing environments into a single, company-wide 
information delivery system. 

Free Video Preview-Call Today. 

There’s more to the SAS System for EIS than meets the 
eye. Call us now at 919-677-8200 to arrange for your free 
video details about a no-risk software 


Wtrk^oup Computing 

DOS, Unix coexistence matures 

DOS, Windows emulation just the beginningfor runningPC applications on Unix 


1 ’m gelling a lot of pressure to look at client/server. 
But; frankly, I’m not about to sacrifice either application 
quality or data integrity just to put a PC on everyone’s desk. 
There’s got to be a better my .” 


1 ’m already excited about the possibilities of client,/serv¬ 
er. But there are so many competing solutions, and the last 
thing I want is to get dead-ended by someone’s proprietary 

There is. PowerBuilder lets you build a fully scab PowerBuilder is the only client/server tool that pro- 

able client/server 
platform, mixing 
and matching 
workstations, PCs, 
and mainframe, 
‘mini, and LAN- 
based servers to 
put the power 
where you need it 
— whether for big 
applications or 
small, single-user 
programs. It sup¬ 
ports DB2 on a 
mainframe, XDB 
on a PC and any¬ 
thing in between. 

Although dis¬ 
tributed computing 
gives users greater 
data access, Power¬ 
Builder lets IS keep 
control of the client/ 
server environment. 

vides a truly open 
framework. Our 
Client/server Open 
(CODE) delivers 
everything you want 
anc( need from this 
platform: interoper¬ 
ability, scalability, 
adaptability and 

lets you choose your 
database manage¬ 
ment and network 
operating systems as 
well as CASE tools, 
tools, spreadsheets, 
and much more. 

You can even 
change your systems 
as your business 
grows — without the 

Features like shared 

cost and headache 

object libraries for team development and standard of rewriting your applications. It’s perfect for any size 

and custom objects ensure that applications through- project, small to enterprise-wide, 
out your organization look the same, run the same, Find out why more than 10,000 developers are 

and meet your standards for quality. getting the most out of PowerBuilder. Call today. 




Call 1-800-395-3525 x505 to order your 
PowerBuilder demo kit now. 

A New Kind Of Power. 

- J 

For A New Kind Of Computing. 

Think of this as a $5 hill. 

51 Issues for only $ 4 g; Hgw Q|| | y $42.95! _ 

Workgroup Computing 

: *||g ; i. 

J M 

: # 

■ . •■ -. ; 


■$/ ' / 

Enta|nse Hetiratag 

E-mail from the top down 

E-mail designed for both mainframes and LANs eases user frustrations 

Dropped Series/1 
users turn to third 
parties to fill void 

F or minds that cover a lot of ground, we present a more 
advanced way to travel.The new IBM ThinkPad' 720s. Note 
books so graceful, their sleek design and slim profile almost del 
their sheer might. Memory is expandable to 16MB. Removable 
hard disks up to 160MB are available. And rocket-fast IBM 
486SLC2 50/25 MHz processors speed things along, so you 
work in a virtually wait-less state. 






Everything about the 720 and 720C was designed to close 
the chasm between mind and machine. The rubberized red but¬ 
ton oil the keyboard is the exclusive TrackPoint* If pointing 
device. Just a touch sends the cursor where you want it to go. The 
720C draws you in even more with a dazzling 10.4" color, active- 
matrix, TFT display—the largest color notebook display out there. 

Other forward-thinking features include the new generation 

Think of it as 


S of PCMCIA credit-card-size adapters. 

Simply slide one in to connect via 
- modem, LAN or host network. A 
jf Port Replicator or Expansion Unit 
■ easily adapts your ThinkPad to office 
r bound environments. And besides 
delivering long battery life, 
the 720s even have the 
admnut'of presence of mind to 

ta* ranis. shut down and save 

rk when the battery is low. 

three-year international traveler’s warranty; 
optional on-site service and ThinkPad 
EasyServ”**—the most convenient service 
around. It’s all part of IBM HelpWare*—a 
wide range of service and support that also 
includes around-the-clock telephone assistance 
and a 30-day money back guarantee? And every 
ThinkPad comes with “Thank You’s from ThinkPad”—a booklet 
packed with nearly $4,000 in discounts on a host of valuable 
mobile products and services* 

e information or an IBM authorized dealer nea 

call 1 800 465-7999, Thanks to the = ^ = 

ThinkPad 720s, choosing the ultimate E —— rsrz 
notebook is hardly rocket science. = 

a kunchpad 

Enterprise Networking 

SynOptics smoothly into 
into your exist 

Series/1 users turn to third parties 


Never before has 
a disk storage system this 
fast been so available. 

Think of this as a $5 bill. 

51 Issues for only $4j( e^Qnlv $42.95! _ 

large Systens 


Utility moves ahead 
with $10M redesign 

ihere’s a wide spectrum 
of UNIX systems. 

But only an expert can blend them 
into your business picture. 



You can turn your database into a formidable strategic asset. What you 
need are open systems, open software, and a database vendor who lets 
you design your database around your business. Instead of around 
their products. 

That’s why you should talk to Ingres. All INGRES'database soft¬ 
ware runs on all open platforms. And we won’t ever try to force-fit your 
business into our line of products. 

Instead, Ingres offers a superior core of open database software, 
tools, and connectivity products. Products we’ve designed to work with 
applications from more than 1,000 other vendors. 

The result? You have more options. You have control of your 
computing costs. And you have control of your business. 

Would you like to control your own fate? We’H send you a detailed 
white paper from the Aberdeen Group, an independent industry analyst. 

It tells you what to look for when you evaluate open database software. 

Just call 1-800-4-INGRES. '’** 

Create GUI Applications 
That DeliverThe Promise Of OS/2, 


Because now there’s a graphical application 
development and decision support system that 
leverages all the advantages of OS/2. 

It’s called PM/FOCUS from Information Builders 
A leader in providing application development 
and decision support tools for all platforms and 


With PM/FOCUS, OS/2 developers work 
with a functionally complete graphical toolset, 
allowing them to reduce their development 
backlog and create the kind of intuitive user 



interfaces for applications that will encourage 
people to use them. 

All your application components, including 
databases, procedures and forms become simple 
graphical objects that are reusable... saving time 
and increasing productivity. 


No other OS/2 development tool gives you 
universal data access. Combined with EDA/SQL, 
Information Builders’ client/server solution, 

you can build GUI applications that access data 
anywhere in your company. Over 50 different 
databases and files on 35 different platforms. 


let PM/FOCUS help your OS/2 developeis 
deliver GUI applications that are easy to use and 
you’ll become a legend in your own time. 

Call for more information, or to attend a fiee 
FOCUS seminar... 

Call 800-969-INFO 
In Canada call 416-364-2760 

■& IppicadM Mpnat ' ssss 

Exchanges partner on j£^“ pport two object-oriented methodologies 

I magine tearing into the myth that a company can't 


be both strong and agile. 




Application Development 

Application Development 

“How can you capitalize on 
data systems and solutions? 

We're Crestar. With more than 260 
branches in Maryland, Virginia and 
Washington, D.C., we're convenient to all 
the places our customers live, work or 
shop. Customer service is the key to our 
success. And the companies of Bell 

allows the branches, to open accounts 
and cross sell additional services foster, 
improving productivity along the way. 
As we acquire new branches. Bell 

line and integrate them into our network 

ing technology to 
provide superior 

One way is our 
Retail Automa- 

|| Ad4n “" 

Call me. i- 

Atlantic's High Speed Data Network. 
Only Bell Atlantic had the infrastructure 
in place to provide the data solutions we 
needed. Thanks to Bell Atlantic, every 

ing 99.96%. Even now, they're installing 

many of our locations. Pleasing the cus¬ 
tomer is our main goal. Obviously, it's Bell 

Atlantic's goal too. So call me. I'll tell you 
how Bell Atlantic was right on the money. 

Til tell you how 
Bell Atlantic paid off" 

1 - 800 - 756-4636 

©Bell Atlantic 

Wre MoreThan JustTalK. 

Okay, we'll admit data management lacks the sex appeal of 
GUIs and LANs. But we know how important it is to building 
successful qient/server applications. In fact the way you manage 
data ultimately determines both the integrity of your information 
and its availability. And isn't putting accurate information at your 
users' fingertips what client/server is all abort? 

To help you address the complex issues of data management 
in a distnbuted environment we've developed a useful guide 
that's yours free. For your copy, return this coupon or phone us 
at 1-800-BACHMAN. In Canada, call 1-800-445-0854. 

Managing data in a client/server world may not be the most 
exciting thing you can do. Just one of the most important 


We realize that you may view 
client/server as insurmountable, so 
let us show you that it needn't be. 
With proven tools and 
techniques, it can be made simple. 
And, to find out just how simple, 
come to our complimentary 
client/server seminar. 

Perhaps departmental solutions are 
your goal. Our seminar will show 
you how FOUNDATION” for 

Cooperative Processing makes true 
client/server development simpler 
and faster. If enterprise-wide 
applications are your goal, let us 

robust tools can help you build 
powerful, flexible solutions 
that support larger numbers of 
diverse users throughout your 

Come to our seminar and get a 
close-up look at otir next genera¬ 

tion of tools. Become familiar with 
our unique client/server method¬ 
ology. Learn to use our new Rapid 
Application Builder. And see for 
yourself how quickly and easily 
you can develop true peer-to-peer 
client/server applications incorpo¬ 
rating a wide variety of platforms. 

Learn how you can get off the 
ground NOW with our 
client/server start-up solutions. 
And find out about our new 
HP-UX Server. 

Register today to secure a place in 
this important seminar. Just fill out 
and mail the attached card or call 
us at 1-800-458-8851. Or, fax your 
reservation to 1-312-507-8150. 







ROOM 1029-A10S 
CHICAGO IL 60602-9760 

Check this list for the FOUNDATION* semi 

nar time and location that's most 

convenient for you. Then be sure to reserve 

a spot for yourself by sending in the 

postage-paid card at the bottom of this page 

■, or by calling 

us at 1-800-458-8851. 

You car 

i also fax us your reservation at 1-312-507-8150.* 





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1 would like to attend* 
save a place for me at your 

Others m your c 

>rganization whow.ll attend. 

Client/Server Seminar. 

Name ' 

Title ‘ 

i Tille 

□ Sorrv. 1 can't attend, but Dlease 

! Or ~^ ol 

send me 

more information aboufi 


□ FOUNDATION solutions for client/server, 

City _ 

Sfcte 7|p 




1 1 Client/si 

j. _ 



After more than a decade 

of acrimony, PC managers 
are allying more and more 
with mainstream IS. Just 
how this odd couple will 
tame an “out of control” 

PC universe worth billions 

remains to be seen. 


Managing Change 
and Complexity 


fi« r 



The problem with most com- about a replacement. OpenVMS is fully 

puter systems is that they’ve We think that’s garbage, upgradable and scalable 

already reached their peak especially when you con- through Alpha AXP, the leader- 

levels the day they arrive at sider the costs of software’ ship RISC architecture 

for the 

There’s little you can do to conversion and user retrain- next 25 years. A technology so 

improve speed, power or lime- ing. And we proudly offer an advanced, Alpha AXP lets you 

tionality, and within a few alternative - our OpenVMS implement the system today 

years, you have to think environment. and not have to woriy about 


© 1993 Digital Equipment Corporation. The Digital logo. Alpha AXP and Open VMS are trademarks of Digital Equipment 

Open VAfS makes obsolescence obsolete. 


changing it. In alliance with 
OpenVMS, it also- delivers a 
quantum leap in price/ 
performance and functionality, 
as well as interoperability 
with open systems through 
compliance with X/Open 
and POSIX standards. 

This is in addition 


ment’s easy-to-use software, 
best development tools, over 
10,000 existing applications 
and its power to work with 
other computer systems you 
may already have - from Macs 
. to mainframes. 

Which means an 
OpenVMS system keeps 
existing com 


off the scrap heap as well, 
making it as attractive to 
management as it is to MIS. 
And prompting you to throw 
out only one thing - your 
preconceptions about how 
computer companies work. 
Call 1-800-DIGITAL, touch 2 
and ask for ■ 

the OpenVMS 

t. 69J. 



Hienew32bit 1-2-^iand Freelance Graphics 
forOS/2. Every bit aspowerfulas the system 
they re designed for. 

The new 1-2-3* Release 2 and Freelance Graphics* 
Release 2 you’ve been waiting for are here. These are the 
only major applications made specifically for OS/2* to 
unleash the Kill power of 32-bit architecture. And designed 
to put OS/2 users in business like never before. 

With 1-23 and FreelanceGraphics. 
you can finally have itall. 

All the power of the world’s leading spreadsheet. 
Plus all the simplicity of the top presentation graphics 
program. Plus all the things you wanted OS/2 for in 
the first place. Like multitasking, multithreading, 
drag-and-drop support, and the Workplace Shell"' 
(which you won’t find using DOS or Windows” 
applications on OS/2). 

BYTE Magazine proclaims: “(Lotus* 1-2-3 and 

Freelance Graphics] borrow from the best features of 
their DOS and Wmdows counterparts, while bringing 
out the best of Big Blue’s 32-bit operating system?* In 
fact, there’s no other software that optimizes OS/2 like 
these two. 

1-2-3 and Freelance Graphics also offer innovative 
features. Like Smartlcons” easy one-click shortcuts to 
your most frequently used functions. Unique integration 
so seamless you’ll think you’re working with one program 
instead of two. And hotlinks that automatically update 
data from one program to the other. 

TAvogreatappUcations. No waiting. 

Of course, to truly appreciate the power of 1-2-3 and 
Freelance Graphics for OS/2, you should see them for 
yourself. Just call 1-800-TRADEUP, ext 8834,** for a 
free 1-2-3 for OS/2 demo disk, or for more information 
on Freelance Graphics and 1-2-3. 

And find out how, together, 1-2-3 and Freelance 
Graphics create a win-win solution for eveiyone on OS/2. 

11-2-3 and Freelance Graphics 

Spreadsheet and Presentation Graphics for OS/2 

Computer Careers 

Cedar Rapids, 
lowo • 

Colorado Springs, 

m»TT Technology & Opportunity! 


Performance Tuning & Capacity Planning 

Experience is required in: 






Computer Careers 

And it does this through spe¬ 
cial Computer Careers edito¬ 
rial that anchors Computer- 
world’s recruitment advertis¬ 
ing section every week. 
Whether it’s informing IBM 
professionals on their career 
paths, or updating UNIX ex¬ 
perts on what’s ahead with 
their careers, Computerworld 
delivers the most pertinient 
and frequent computer career 
information available in 

To place your ad regionally or 
nationally, call John Corrigan, 
Vice President/Classified Ad¬ 
vertising, at 800/343- 
6474 (m MA, 508/879- 


Join Our Growing Teams In 
Dallas, Raleigh, St. Louis 

( 535 ) 


Buy / Sell / Lease 

Education & Training 

Your RISC SYSTEM/6000 Source 

■ Data trends cola 




SERIES/1 mi,m*»*** } 

SYSTEM 36/38 

937X, 4300, 468X 

1 -800-FOR-RISC 


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to buy Tandy’s 
PC business 

Dell cites notebooks for profit drop 


INDUSTRY PULSE: Leasing industry 

The Fifth Wave by Rich Tennant 

Our Competitors Are So 
Confident Of Their Products, 
They Guarantee Them To Last 
A Third As Long As Ours. 

T here’s a common misconception to¬ 
day that computers are all alike. That 
they’re made from the same compo¬ 
nents. That a box is a box is a box. 

Well, here at Compaq, we have over 
9,000 employees who could tell you 

why all PCs are not the same. 

That there are important 
differences in quality. And re¬ 
liability. Arid compatibility. 

That, in the end, COMPAQ 
computers are designed to help 
you get more 
done with few¬ 
er problems. 

But vi 

also 77j e COMfAQ_hoL,neo~ar 

affordable computers, feature high- 

know that this performance processors from 

could sound like an empty ad¬ 
vertising promise if we didn’t 
back it up. So we do. 

Because unlike others who 
charge for extended coverage, 
ir affordably priced 

all of o' 

PCs include a 3 year warranty with one 
year of on-site servicer Free. 

And only a company that offers a bet¬ 
ter product can offer a better guarantee. 
For a reseller near you, please call us 

at 1-800-345-1518. COMPAQ